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      Health & Beauty

      Survive The Cold Winter With Japanese Technology: Hokkairo Hot Pad

      Survive The Cold Winter With Japanese Technology:  Hokkairo Hot Pad
      It may be getting colder in Japan, but it's already winter in England. During those bitterly cold times, surely I'm not the only one who says "I miss Japanese hokkairo”?  A hokkairo warm pad is an indispensable Japanese winter tradition, but shockingly only a few people use them in England. Perhaps the Brits just aren’t aware of the wonderful use of hokkairo? Allow me to proudly introduce it to you!

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      Cute Rabbit Microfiber Turban Towel For Dry Hair In No Time

      Cute Rabbit Microfiber Turban Towel For Dry Hair In No Time

           How much hassle is it to wash and dry your hair everyday? Especially when your hair is long or if you have kiddies to take care of; it’s easy to prioritise other things rather than your gorgeous locks... In the UK, the water is known to be harder than that in Japan, which isn’t so great to maintain healthy, shiny hair. That’s another reason why many people put off washing their hair every other day: Enter the Hair Turban! “Why do I need a hair turban when I have plenty of towels?” I hear you say. Well do your towels fold into cute rabbit ears whilst drying your hair SUPER QUICKLY? I didn’t think so…

            Just wrap the hair turban towel around your noggin after the shower and this quick dry hair towel does all the hard work for you. As it’s made of microfiber, it’s not only beautifully soft and fluffy but also absorbs the moisture quickly without causing damage to your hair. Did you know microfiber dries 3x better than cotton and causes less friction when rubbing which means less breakage and less frizz? You can say goodbye to your after shower hair problems like using the hair dryer for what feels like FOREVER or getting the cuff and back of your pajamas wet from dripping wet hair. There’s a button on the back that also helps to fix the turban in place and as it’s a ‘one size fits all’, there’s no problem with it fitting like a glove! Not only is it practical but it’s also a cute thing to buy as due to some clever wire on the inside, it twists into adorable rabbit ears. You’d be hopping mad not to try it. 

           A product that is good for all year round, particularly in winter it’s fab as it prevents your wet hair getting cold. So if you’re one of the “fumbling to wrap a bath towel into a turban” crew, why not try this microfiber hair turban to continue that relaxing ritual after your bubbly bath? Christmas is just around the corner, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Go on, you’ve been good all year; treat yourself to this cute Japanese gift