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      Zak Zakka is an unique home to home online shop for those who love Japan and Japanese products.

      Our products are carefully selected for the attention to detail that has gone into designing these Japanese products.

      Zak Zakka is where you can get these authentic and unique Japanese products.

      We guarantee and ensure you receive the finest quality items which will fulfill your needs.

      Most of our items are stored in the UK warehouse so you will receive items within a week.

      You can also contact us directly for any other Japanese products and services which you may require that are not listed on the website and we will do our best to secure them for you.







      会社名称 株式会社イノス

      本社所在地 福岡市博多区博多駅東2-6-1

      会社設立 1985年6月

      資本金 8,000万円

      代表取締役社長 赤崎 正宏



      (日本語・英語 可)